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We specialize in the sale of digital satellite receivers. All of our FTA satellite receivers are capable of receiving Free-To-Air satellite signals and channels. Free-To-Air channels are the equivalent of your local cable channels that you receive just by tuning your television. The only difference is that you will receive these type of channels but on a global basis by using one of our Free-To-Air receivers and a satellite dish.  

  CoolSat 4000 Pro Digital Satellite Receiver

It has come to our attention that FTA satellite receivers can be modified into digital satellite descramblers by installing illegal software.  Please note our products are not modified and we do not offer any DSS files, FTA files or FTA software.  Modifying or installing non-factory software onto our FTA satellite receivers voids all manufacturer warranties that we would usually offer to our customers on unmodified FTA satellite receivers. offers top of the line digital satellite receivers, such as the CoolSat 4000 Pro, the ForTec Star Ultra and the PanSat 2700a. Beside selling some of the internet's premier digital FTA satellite receivers, we also have the best prices on the Internet.  We are a direct importer for all the products we carry, so we are able to pass the low prices on to the consumer unlike other websites who buy through a middleman.

                                                            PanSat 2700A Digital Satellite Receiver is always looking to expand.  We offer even deeper discounts on bulk orders through our wholesale website.  So if you were interested in making some extra cash by becoming a digital satellite dealer, please go to for more information on our wholesale pricing for digital FTA satellite receivers.  We also have numerous dealer resources on the website for use on your own digital satellite receiver website.

        ForTec Star Ultra Digital Satellite Receiver

Feel free to take a look through and please ask us any questions that you might have concerning our products.  If we do not have a product you need or want, please email us because it might not be listed on the website.  We will not answer any questions concerning the modification of our digital satellite receivers. 

   CoolSat 4000 Pro

Only $169.99  



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CoolSat 4000 Plus

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      PanSat 2700A

                             Only $189.99

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     ForTec Star Ultra

Only $169.99

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